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Plagiarism checker and AI detector for K-12

The most lightweight plagiarism checker and AI detector with the industry's leading support team, designed for schools to empower students, reduce stress, prevent academic misconduct, save time, and reduce administrative burden.

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Tool to teach and empower

12 years of algorithm improvement and collection of comparative data

In-report feedback

In the report window, the teacher can leave comments for students and, in this way, carry out educational activities and educate students. Comments enable the plagiarism checker and AI detector to be used as an educational application.


Create assignments and easily assign students to them. Students can upload multiple documents to one or different assignments. The educator will see all documents listed in categories: new submissions, reviewed submissions, and unsubmitted.

Prevention of plagiarism between classes

In our system, you will be able to create a school database. By adding documents to your school database, you will be able to perform document-to-document comparisons. With Identific, you can ensure that no duplicate documents are uploaded across all your school classes.

Integration with learning management system

The Identific plagiarism checker and AI detector support LTI and can be quickly integrated into hundreds of LMS. Additionally, the solution can be customized and integrated into any information system via our API.

The widest language support

The Identific Similarity Checker is fully multilingual. We support 129 different languages, and our algorithms work perfectly with a variety of writing systems, including Greek, Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Armenian, Brahmic family scripts, Ge’ez script, Chinese characters and derivatives (including Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese), and Hebrew.

Super quick

Identific checks documents efficiently and effectively. The average time of a check is 7 seconds per page vs. 10 seconds by our nearest competitor. This means a greater return on investment and ensures that you will get your reports 30% faster using our plagiarism checker and AI detector.

Cheat detection

Cheat detection employs various techniques to uncover any academic misbehavior or attempts to trick the plagiarism checker service

Detection of letters from different language scripts

Our technology is capable of identifying characters inserted from other scripts.

Picture insertion instead of text

Our technology is capable of identifying picture-based documents and extracting text from them prior to verification.

Residual characters from copying & pasting

The technology identifies residual characters that sometimes appear when copying text from PDF files.

Contract cheating

Our plagiarism prevention software has stylometry-based technology to identify a paper, that was written by a third-party.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

More trust. More prevention. More teaching moments.

We are strongly committed to changing the way academic integrity is currently delivered in schools. Our key words are plagiarism prevention, not punishment. Empowering students, not strict control. Learning and development, not an immutable outcome. We develop equipment to help implement plagiarism prevention through a good experience and without putting any unnecessary stress on students and teachers.

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